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Electric Bikes for Adults, Young People and Seniors. Travel at 15mph without using the pedals for over 20 miles and it will only cost you 6p worth of electricity.

Talk about the savings! Petrol prices up AGAIN!. If your work was only 3 miles down the road, you could save almost £1,500 a year by taking a Cyclectrix Electric Bike instead of the car.

Whatever your reason, transportation, recreation or just for the fun of it, the bike is the most versatile of machines. It enables you to get from A to B in the most efficient way possible.

"When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought of anything but the ride you are taking."
Arthur Conan Doyle

While Electric Bikes can be ridden like any normal bike, they have the distinct advantage of a small electric motor built into the hub of the rear wheel. Powered by a lightweight Lithium battery, the motor takes the puff out of cycling. You still have to pedal to activate the motor, but once it kicks in it's like being supplied bionic legs.

With Cyclectrix Electric Bikes you can go faster and further than a conventional cycle, even if you're unfit.

Electric Bikes have a throttle on the handlebars, as either a switch or a twist-grip like on a motorbike. You decide how much help you get from the motor.

In the U.K. riders have to be over 14 years old.

With the motor assistance, steep hills become small slopes

Cuts through headwinds effortlessly and can carry heavy loads of shopping or children

You can arrive at work without the normal problem of sweating and having to find a shower
FREEDOM. You can explore further into the countryside, knowing no hill is too steep to climb and that you won’t be too exhausted to get back
INDEPENDENCE. Young people, seniors, and those with mobility problems can continue to enjoy cycling and their freedom.

CHEAP TRANSPORTATION. No need for road tax, insurance, license, MOT or petrol stations. You could easily save over £1,400 a year by using your bike for local journeys.
Get in tough with your inner child. Riding a Cyclectrix Electric Bike is like freewheeling down a hill.
SPEED. You can ride to the local shops and back in the time it would have taken you to park the car.
Running a Cyclectrix Electric Bike for 20 to 40 miles is the equivalent of having a 100 watt electric light bulb on for an evening!
FITNESS. 81% of electric bike owners use them once a week, nearly double to those with conventional bikes. More use means more exercise!
The environmental benefits are astounding. With no direct emissions and a low carbon footprint, Cyclectrix Electric Bikes are one of the most environmentally responsible methods of powered transport around.
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The British Heart Foundation, long term supporters of cycling as means to living a healthier life, stage numerous, social bike riding events throughout the U.K. To find out more, click the following link.

England’s first Cycling City and eleven new Cycling Towns are set to receive the largest investment in cycling the country has ever seen. The funding of the new towns together with the existing six demonstration towns will total almost £100m.

By registering, your bike details will be held on our secure database for the lifetime of the bike. You also have the option of purchasing a Police Preferred product for marking the frame of your bike, as well as an electronic Datatag as a further means of identification.

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